By Stone or Material

Shop for handmade artisan jewelry by stone or material! Glassando offers designer jewelry showcasing many unusual natural stones including amethyst, opal, agate, jade, amber, onyx, turquoise and more. Glassando also has unique handmade jewelry featuring fossils! Unique fossil jewelry includes fossilized dinosaur bone jewelry, fossilized ammonite jewelry, Ammolite jewelry, trilobite jewelry, and even fossilized shark tooth jewelry! Glassando also has a wide selection of jewelry made from unique materials such as naturally expired real butterfly wing jewelry. Glassando also offers several styles of glass jewelry including Murano glass jewelry featuring glass from Murano an island in the Venetian lagoon. Glassando also offers Czech glass jewelry and dichroic glass jewelry. Shop online now by material for handmade artisan jewelry from Glassando! Most jewelry ships the same day or by the next business day. You can also visit our jewelry store in Iowa City!