Ted Walker Jewelry

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Ted Walker’s Jewelry includes sterling silver necklaces, sterling silver earrings, sterling silver rings, and sterling silver bracelets. Ted Walker is a third generation silversmith, in his company Reflections in Silver.

All of Reflections in Silver jewelry is handmade in America, Pennsylvania specifically. Pieces are not cast, but rather made from silver wire and silver sheet. Each piece of jewelry is made by hand using only assorted pliers, hammers, files, torches & saws to shape and manipulate.

Ted Walker’s sterling silver jewelry features clean lines and classic styles. Many of these artisan made earrings, necklaces, and bracelets include gemstones including black onyx and green onyx.
Ted often names his jewelry styles, and popular styles include his Zen Necklace and Zen Earrings.

Each brand new piece of artisan jewelry from Glassando will come with Glassando’s original jewelry store tags and a gift box.