Fossil Jewelry

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Fossil Jewelry is perfect for the history lover! Fossil bracelets, fossil necklaces, fossil pendants, and fossil earrings are sure to delight. Glassando offers fossil jewelry including fossilized dinosaur bone pendants and necklaces. Fossilized ammonite pendants are always popular. Fossilized coral pendants are a customer favorite. Fossilized shark teeth pendants are also popular.
rtisan fossil jewelry is available from Glassando, here on our website as well as inside our locally owned boutique jewelry store in downtown Iowa City. Our selection includes fossil coral jewelry, ammonite fossil jewelry, Ammolite fossil jewelry, and even fossilized dinosaur bone jewelry! These are excellent options for any lover of historical jewelry or statement jewelry. You can shop on our website or visit our store inside Iowa City’s Old Capitol Town Center, which is also called the Old Capitol Mall or the University Capitol Center. Glassando is open 7 days a week! Our jewelry store does not have an outside entrance, but can easily be accessed inside the mall, on the building’s first floor. Convenient parking is available inside the Capitol Street Parking Ramp, and your first hour is free! Browse our website or stop by our Iowa City based jewelry store to see our selection of artisan handmade jewelry!