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  • Sold out! handmade oval faceted chalcedony drop earrings

    pale blue chalcedony and .925 sterling silver handmade drop earrings

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Handmade chalcedony jewelry from Glassando includes chalcedony pendants, chalcedony set in sterling silver, rough chalcedony jewelry, and faceted chalcedony jewelry. This gemstone is a great choice for anyone who loves blue jewelry, blue-green jewelry, or natural gemstone jewelry. Browse our website or stop into our Iowa City store to see our selection of gorgeous handmade chalcedony pieces!

Artisan chalcedony jewelry from Glassando includes chalcedony pendants as well as chalcedony and sterling silver jewelry. Our selection features chalcedony and blue topaz jewelry and even chalcedony and dental ceramic jewelry! These will include both faceted chalcedony and chalcedony druzy. In addition to shopping on our website, you can view an even wider selection of handmade pendants, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings by stopping into our boutique jewelry store in downtown Iowa City’s Old Capitol Town Center. Please note that the Old Capitol Town Center is also called the University Capitol Center or the Old Capitol Mall. Parking is available inside the Capitol Street Parking Ramp and your first hour is provided free of charge! Glassando is a locally owned jewelry store that features a wide range of handmade artisan jewelry, including lots of natural gemstone jewelry! We are open 7 days a week and can be found on the first floor of the Old Capitol Town Center next to GNC.