Druzy Jewelry

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Handmade druzy jewelry from Glassando includes druzy pendants, druzy necklaces, druzy bracelets, druzy earrings, and more! Our selection also features a wide range of colors, such as blue druzy, red druzy, green druzy, purple druzy, and pink druzy. These gorgeous rough stone pieces have a distinct sparkle that makes them the wonderful examples of eye-catching natural gemstone jewelry!
Artisan druzy jewelry available at Glassando is a great choice for lovers of sparkly jewelry and rough stone jewelry! Our selection features a variety of different gemstones in their rough forms, including emerald, apatite, aquamarine, sapphire, tourmaline, amethyst, and many more! Among these are druzy and sterling silver jewelry, druzy and dental ceramic jewelry, and geode jewelry! You can explore our website or visit our store to see our selection of handmade jewelry! Glassando is a locally owned boutique jewelry store, located inside downtown Iowa City’s Old Capitol Mall. The Old Capitol Mall is often also called the Old Capitol Town Center or the University Capitol Center. It can be found right next to the University of Iowa Pentacrest. It also offers parking (including the first hour for free!) inside the attached Capitol Street Parking Ramp.