Bronze Jewelry

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Artisan bronze jewelry is available at Glassando, including bronze earrings, bronze and art glass jewelry, and nature-themed bronze jewelry. Much of our bronze jewelry is handmade in the United States by Michael Michaud, an American jewelry designer.

Handmade bronze jewelry from Glassando includes both neutral colored bronze jewelry and colorful bronze jewelry. Our selection features bronze and art glass jewelry, bronze earrings, nature-themed bronze jewelry, and American-made bronze jewelry! Shop on our website or visit our store to see even more handcrafted bronze jewelry, including pendants, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings! All of Glassando’s jewelry is handcrafted by artists from all around the world, including many who are local to Iowa and the Midwest. Our store is open 7 days a week. We are located inside downtown Iowa City’s Old Capitol Mall, which can be found right next to the University of Iowa Pentacrest. Please be aware that the Old Capitol Mall is also called the Old Capitol Town Center and the University Capitol Center. Shop on our website or stop in to our locally owned boutique jewelry store to see even more artisan handmade bronze jewelry!