Abalone Shell Jewelry

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Abalone shell jewelry is one of the many types of handmade artisan jewelry available from Glassando This is a great example of brightly colored jewelry and works as both formal jewelry and casual jewelry! Our handmade abalone shell jewelry includes abalone shell set in sterling silver. Our abalone shell jewelry collection also contains paua shell jewelry. Paua shell is abalone shell that comes from specific locations around New Zealand and Australia.
Handmade abalone shell jewelry is featured on our website as well as in our locally owned Iowa City jewelry store. Stop by or shop on our website to find sterling silver and abalone shell jewelry, American-made abalone shell jewelry, and brightly colored abalone shell jewelry. You can visit our boutique jewelry store to see even more pendants, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings! Our staff are happy to help you 7 days a week. Our retail jewelry store is located in downtown Iowa City, on the first floor of the Old Capitol Mall. This mall is conveniently attached to the Capitol Street Parking Ramp (which does not charge for your first hour of parking) and located next to the University of Iowa Pentacrest. Please note that the Old Capitol Mall is sometimes also called the University Capitol Center or the Old Capitol Town Center. Visit our store to see an even wider selection of abalone shell jewelry, sterling silver jewelry, and more!