Butterfly, Moth, and Insect wing Jewelry - no bugs are harmed

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Real Butterfly wing jewelry includes real butterfly wing necklaces, real butterfly wing pendants, real butterfly wing bracelets, and real butterfly wing rings. Real butterfly or Moth wings under glass or resin make these unique pieces of jewelry. NO BUTTERFLIES OR MOTHS ARE HARMED! The insects come from tropical butterfly farms within the rain forest and are gathered only after dying naturally. This is a rain forest “sustainable use” activity that helps preserve wild butterfly populations, provides needed income for the farmers, and helps save rain forests by giving them economic viability without being cut down.
The blue morpho butterfly is a popular butterfly used in Glassando’s real butterfly wing jewelry.
Glassando’s Butterfly, Moth, and Insect wing Jewelry category also includes our real beetle wing earrings featuring iridescent wings from Thailand’s Emerald beetle.
All real butterfly wing bracelets, real butterfly wing earrings, real butterfly wing necklaces, and real butterfly wing pendants will include an information card about the jewelry including how this jewelry is green and helps save the butterfly’s habitat.
All Glassando’s real butterfly wing can be seen at our jewelry store located inside downtown Iowa City’s Old Capitol Town Center or you can shop now on this website. Items are available to be shipped. Most in-stock jewelry ships by the next business day and includes a gift box. Glassando ships it’s jewelry using the United States Post office. We offer $5 flat rate shipping anywhere in the USA by first class US mail.
Unless otherwise noted our real butterfly wing jewelry features sterling silver metal. Sterling silver rings, sterling silver bracelets, and sterling silver necklaces make great gifts.
Our real butterfly wing jewelry makes a great holiday gift, birthday gift, or graduation gift. Butterflies are often seen as a symbol of transformation, making our real butterfly wing necklaces, bracelets, and earrings popular memorial jewelry gifts as well.