Red Jewelry

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Handmade red jewelry including red earrings, red necklaces, red pendants, red bracelets, and red rings are available at Glassando. Unqiue materials used in our red handmade artisan jewelry include red Murano glass, red Czech glass, and red dicroic glass. Red natural stones and materials used in our jewelry include red coral, garnet, and red agate. Glassando also features red jewelry made in the USA including both Adajio earrings and Sienna Sky earrings.
Handmade red jewelry from Glassando includes a wide variety of rings, pendants, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Our artisan red jewelry features garnet, red jasper, red art glass, red coral, red agate cameos, red naturally expired real butterfly wings, and more! Glassando features much more handmade red artisan jewelry in our store located inside downtown Iowa City’s Old Capitol Town Center. Stop by to see more jewelry. Lots of Glassando’s jewelry designers design and produce their jewelry in the USA such as Michael Michaud’s Silver Seasons jewelry collection, Patricia Locke jewelry, and jewelry by Holly Yashi! Plus you can custom design jewelry from birthstones and other materials inside our downtown Iowa City store! Glassando does not have an outside entrance, but our boutique jewelry store can easily be accessed on the first floor of the Old Capitol Mall. The Old Capitol Mall is often also called the Old Capitol Town Center or the University Capitol Center. It offers your first hour of parking for free in the conveniently attached Capitol Street Parking Ramp!