Sienna Sky earrings by Left Hand Studios

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Sienna Sky earrings are handmade in the USA. They are made by Left Hand Studios in Colorado. Left Hand Studios designs earrings in three lines, all three earring lines are carried at Glassando. Glassando can ship these earrings to you if you would like to order them here on our website, or you are welcome to visit our jewelry store located in downtown Iowa City. Sienna Sky earrings, Adajio Earrings, and Lemon Tree earrings are the three earring lines proudly made in the USA by Left Hand Studios.
Sienna Sky earrings are lightweight and feature sterling silver or gold-filled earwires. Sienna Sky stud earrings feature surgical steel posts. Sienna Sky earrings highlight fun and colorful lightweight designs in popular themes including animals, plants, flowers, butterflies, and more! Ear-wires used in these earrings are sterling silver, gold-filled, or surgical steel posts. Ear-wires used in Sienna Sky earrings often feature beaded accents including crystals and/or beads.
Sienna Sky earrings often feature fun whimsical earring designs sure to delight. Animal earrings from Sienna Sky include cat earrings, elephant earrings, horse earrings, gorilla earrings, wolf earrings, and even sea turtle earrings. Bird earrings include owl earrings, blue swallow earrings, and peacock feather earrings. Sienna Sky earrings also depict popular alcoholic beverages including margarita earrings, beer earrings, and hurricane cocktail earrings. Sienna Sky earrings also include insect earrings like dragonfly earrings plus both butterfly drop earrings and butterfly post earrings available! Sienna Sky earrings also include music themed earrings featuring a treble clef and music notes. Sienna Sky earrings also feature the moon and stars. They also feature nature earrings including tree of life earrings.
Sienna Sky earrings make great gifts. Each brand new pair of Sienna Sky earrings from Glassando will come with a gift box.
Please stop into our jewelry store inside downtown Iowa City’s Old Capitol Town Center to see more Sienna Sky earrings or shop online now. All earrings ordered from Glassando will come with a gift box and extra plastic earring backs.