Holly Yashi Jewelry

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Holly Yashi Jewelry is available from Glassando, a jewelry store in Iowa City, IA. Shop online now for Holly Yashi earrings and Holly Yashi necklaces that can ship to you or come shop our Iowa City store to see our complete selection of Holly Yashi Jewelry!

Holly Yashi jewelry is made in the USA at a studio in Arcata, California. This company was founded by Holly Hosterman and Paul “Yashi” Lubitz. They have been making Holly Yashi jewelry together since 1981. At Glassando we are proud to carry this unique line of handcrafted artisan jewelry.

Holly Yashi jewelry contains high quality materials including European crystal, Bohemian glass, and dichroic glass. Holly Yashi Jewelry often features niobium, which is a hypoallergenic metal that can be permanently anodized to be many different colors. The niobium coloring process includes dipping the metal into a bath of electrically charged water which turns the metal different permanent colors. Niobium is Holly Yashi’s signature metal and it gives her earrings and necklaces a unique colorful look.

Holly Yashi jewelry often features nature inspired earrings and necklaces. You will see multi-color niobium necklace and earring designs featuring flowers, butterflies, dragonflies, and leaf motifs. Other popular themes in Holly Yashi jewelry include filigree for an old fashioned look. Holly Yashi jewelry also often includes beautiful beadwork.

Holly Yashi jewelry introduces new collections of jewelry designs several times a year so be sure to check back often to see new Holly Yashi earrings and Holly Yashi necklaces.

Holly Yashi Jewelry makes a great gift for different occasions including birthdays and wedding anniversaries. Holly Yashi necklaces and Holly Yashi earrings are also a great holiday gift or Mother’s Day gift. Holly Yashi jewelry can also be given for graduations or for bridesmaids’ gifts. Be sure to stop in at Glassando, for all your Holly Yashi jewelry needs!