Brown Jewelry

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Brown jewelry often includes brown art glass jewelry such as brown Murano Glass necklaces or brown Czech glass bracelets. Our brown artisan handmade jewelry also includes brown natural stone jewelry such as fossils, agates, jaspers, druzy, geodes, amber, and smokey quartz.
Handmade brown jewelry including brown earrings, brown necklaces, brown pendants, brown bracelets, and brown rings are available at downtown Iowa City’s Glassando. Brown handmade jewelry from Glassando includes a wide range of artisan jewelry materials, such as brown art glass, ancient Roman coins, and brown natural gemstones like amber, pietersite, tiger’s eye smokey quartz, and jasper. In addition to what is on our websites, even more brown jewelry can be found at our boutique jewelry store, located inside the Old Capitol Mall. Please be aware that there is no outside entrance. The Old Capitol Mall is located conveniently near the University of Iowa campus and can also be called the Old Capitol Town Center or the University Capitol Center.