Men's Jewelry

Men’s jewelry includes rings, bracelets, chains, and necklaces that are great for the fashionable man. Glassando’s selection of men’s jewelry includes men’s rings with unique inlay options of antler, turquoise, wood, and more. Glassando also offers men’s earrings including men’s diamond and gold stud earrings, and Cubic zirconia and stainless steel earrings. Sterling silver and gemstone stud earrings are also popular men’s earrings options available from Glassando inside downtown Iowa City’s Old Capitol Town Center. Glassando also has men’s chains including men’s stainless steel chains, and sterling silver chains. Glassando also has a selection of men’s bracelets, including men’s stainless steel bracelets, and natural stone bracelets. Glassando’s natural stone men’s bracelets include tiger’s eye bracelets, jasper bracelets, and lava rock bracelets. Glassando can also special order men’s jewelry, please check out the men’s section of our custom design website here for additional options: https://glassando.jewelershowcase.com/browse/jewelry/men-s-jewelry/

Glassando can also special order additional styles of men’s jewelry or our staff can help you custom design men’s jewelry. Please email us at service@glassando.com and let us know you are interested in an appointment to discuss custom designing a piece of men’s jewelry.