Mookaite Jewelry

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Handmade mookaite jewelry from Glassando includes mookaite pendants and mookaite and sterling silver jewelry. This unique gemstone showcases natural hues of yellow, tan, and red – making it a good choice for lovers of either neutral colored jewelry or colorful jewelry. Much of our selection of mookaite or mooka jasper jewelry is handmade in the USA by Dale Repp, a jewelry artist who is local to Iowa. Artisan mookaite jewelry from Glassando is sure to delight anyone who enjoys rare natural stones, opaque gemstones, red jewelry, yellow jewelry, or American-made jewelry! In addition to shopping on our website, you can visit our store to view a wide variety of handcrafted pendants, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings! Glassando is a locally owned boutique jewelry store located in downtown Iowa City. Our store can be found on the first floor of the Old Capitol Town Center, which can also be called the Old Capitol Mall or the University Capitol Center. It is located conveniently close to the University of Iowa campus. In fact, the Old Capitol Town Center can be found right next to the University Pentacrest. It features easily accessible parking inside the attached Capitol Street Parking Ramp, which offers your first hour of parking for free! You can explore our website or stop by our store 7 days a week to see lots more artisan handcrafted jewelry!