Naturally Expired Real Emerald Beetle Wing and surgical steel earrings


These beetle wing earrings, feature wings from Thailand’s emerald beetle. These beetle wings are collected only after the bugs have lived out their natural lifespan.

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REAL beetle wing earrings, are sure to get attention. Collected only after living out their full lifespan, these earrings feature REAL beetle wings.  The wings from the Sternocera Aequisignata Beetle, also called the “Emerald Beetle” and are gathered after the beetles reproduce and die naturally in Thailand. The beetle wings are often used for decoration because they are naturally iridescent green and blue!

The ear-wires are surgical steel. These Emerald beetle wing earrings are large measuring approximately 3 inches in length (including the ear-wire) by .5 inches wide.

These real beetle wing earrings would make a great gift idea for the woman who likes truly unique jewelry! These real beetle wing earrings would also be great for anyone who loves bugs.

Each brand new pair of earrings comes with an information card, and a gift box.



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