Animal Jewelry

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Animal Jewelry includes handmade animal earrings, animal bracelets, animal necklaces, and animal pendants. Popular animal jewelry from our Iowa City based jewelry store includes cat jewelry, dog jewelry, and elephant jewelry.

Cat jewelry includes cat necklaces, cat earrings, and cat pendants, perfect for the cat lover. Glassando’s selection of cat jewelry includes cat jewelry from jewelry designer Holly Yashi. Glassando’s section of cat jewelry also includes cat earrings from Sienna Sky earrings. Glassando also has beaded cat earrings that are handmade right at our Iowa City store!

Glassando’s selection of animal earrings includes Sienna Sky earrings by Left Hand Studios. Sienna Sky earrings include sloth earrings, lion earrings, tiger earrings, horse earrings, otter earrings, fox earrings, elephant earrings, panda earrings, cow earrings, giraffe earrings, koala earrings, and more. Sienna Sky animal earrings include a lot of bird earrings. The bird earrings include: peacock earrings, penguin earrings, hummingbird earrings, cardinal earrings, parrot earrings, blue jay earrings, eagle earrings, flamingo earrings, owl earrings, and even goldfinch earrings.

Glassando also has hand-painted animal jewelry. Our hand-painted animal jewelry includes hand-painted tiger pendants, and hand-painted buffalo pendants. Most of our hand-painted animal jewelry is hand painted on gemstones.

Glassando also has sterling silver and natural stone animal jewelry including sterling silver jewelry handmade in Taxco, Mexico. Taxco, is a city in Mexico well known for the beautiful hand-crafted sterling silver jewelry created there, and we are happy to bring you a selection of it at Glassando. Glassando’s selection of Taxco sterling silver jewelry includes octopus jewelry, snake jewelry, butterfly jewelry, and even a peacock pendant!

Glassando also has a selection of animal stud earrings. These small post earrings include llama earrings, squirrel post earrings, crab earrings, butterfly earrings, narwhal earrings, fish earrings, bee earrings, and more!

You can shop for animal jewelry here on our website, or visit our Iowa City based jewelry store inside downtown Iowa City’s Old Capitol Town Center for an even wider selection of animal jewelry.