Graduation Gift Ideas

Graduation gift ideas include jewelry and gemstone décor.

Pearl jewelry is always a great idea for graduation because of the old saying “pearls of wisdom”. What better way to let the graduate know they have gained wisdom, than with actual pearls!  Pearl jewelry is considered classic, so something the graduate will be able to wear for a long time. Glassando has a large selection of pearl earrings, pearl bracelets, pearl pendants, and pearl necklaces that are perfect for graduation gifts for the high school or college graduate. Plus pearls have a classic look, and can be worn on job interviews! See pearl jewelry from Glassando here: https://glassando.com/product-category/by-stone-or-material/pearl-jewelry/

Owl jewelry can also make a great graduation gift because owls are often thought to be wise old birds. Owl pendants, owl necklaces, owl pendants, and owl earrings would all make great graduation gift ideas.

Graduation is also a time for transformation. Butterflies are a symbol of transformation that is often depicted in jewelry. Graduation is a sign that you are transforming into an educated adult, so butterfly jewelry can be a nice way to symbolize this in a graduation gift. Butterflies are also a sign of springtime which is when graduations often happen. Glassando has lots of butterfly theme jewelry including pendants and earrings made from real butterfly wings (no butterflies are harmed, they are collected only after dying naturally). See Glassando’s naturally expired real butterfly wing jewelry here: https://glassando.com/product-category/by-jewelry-designer/butterfly-wing-jewelry/

Gemstone décor, is also a great graduation gift! If a graduate is moving out into the “real world”, a gift of stone bookends might be a great idea to decorate their new home or apartment. Fossils also make interesting decorations for a new home as well. Crystals often are used to decorate a space, and could be a nice gift for the graduate heading out on their own. See a selection of gemstone décor from Glassando here: https://glassando.com/product-category/gemstone-decor/

Pearl jewelry, owl jewelry, butterfly jewelry, or gemstone décor are some ideas of gifts for graduates!

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