Rhyolite Jewelry

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Artisan rhyolite jewelry from Glassando includes rhyolite pendants and rhyolite set in sterling silver, as well as rhyolite and citrine jewelry! Rhyolite is a volcanic stone, making it perfect for someone looking for uncommon natural stones, unique jewelry materials, or handcrafted accessories. These pieces are available here on our website and in our Iowa City jewelry store!
Handmade rhyolite jewelry from Glassando includes a selection of rhyolite and sterling silver jewelry, such as rhyolite pendants! These work great as formal jewelry or casual jewelry, as well as statement jewelry! Glassando features a variety of handmade pendants, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings here on our website and inside our Iowa City jewelry store. Our boutique jewelry shop can be found inside downtown Iowa City’s Old capitol Mall. Please note that the mall is also called the Old Capitol Town Center or the University Capitol Center. Glassando does not have an outside entrance, but can easily be accessed on the building’s first floor. Parking is available inside the attached Capitol Street Parking Ramp. Your first hour of parking there is free!