Fiber optic jewelry

Handmade fiber optic jewelry from Glassando includes eye-catching examples of carved jewelry and colorful jewelry. Our selection includes purple fiber optic cable jewelry, fiber optic pendants, and fiber optic and sterling silver jewelry. These pieces are perfect for anyone who enjoys unique jewelry materials!

Fiber optic jewelry from Glassando is a great example of colorful jewelry and carved jewelry. You can browse our website to see our selection of fiber optic pendants and fiber optic cable and sterling silver jewelry. You can also visit our boutique jewelry store to see our selection of fiber optic cable jewelry and a wide range of other handmade pendants, necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets! Glassando is located in downtown Iowa City, inside the Old Capitol Town Center. Please note that the Old Capitol Town Center can also be called the Old Capitol Mall or the University Capitol Center. It offers convenient parking inside the attached Capitol Street Parking Ramp, which does not charge for your first hour of parking! Glassando does not have an outside entrance, but can be easily found on the first floor next to GNC. Shop on our website or visit our store 7 days a week to see our selection of artisan handcrafted jewelry!

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