Green w/ yellow stripe real BUTTERFLY WING pendant


A rainforest sustainable use product, this unique pendant is created from naturally expired real butterfly wings and sterling silver.

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A rainforest sustainable use product, this unique pendant is created from naturally expired real butterfly wings under glass with sterling silver. No butterflies are harmed. This pendant is encased in glass so that the pendant can reversed and worn on either side. The front of the pendant is a green wing with black spots and a yellow stripe. The pendant reverses to a brown and tan wing. The pendant is a rounded rectangle shape and measures approximately 1.25″� long including the bail (loop for chain) by 0.6″ wide. The dime is not included but shown to help you gauge the size of the pendant.

This pendant makes a great gift for anyone eco conscious, trying to live a green lifestyle, or who loves butterflies.

Each piece of Butterfly Artworks jewelry comes with an information card from American artists Bob and Ravi Natalini. Here is what it states:

This jewelry is made by hand in our studio with real butterfly wings and sterling silver. No butterflies are harmed. They come from tropical butterfly farms within the rain forest and are gathered only after dying naturally. This is a rain forest “sustainable use”� activity that helps preserve wild butterfly populations; provides needed income for the farmers; and helps save rain forests by giving them economic viability without being cut down. For 30 years we have created a variety of jewelry and other art works using butterflies and insects. They can be found in personal collections across the country, including those of many celebrities. Don’t wear when swimming/bathing. Enjoy!

Bob & Ravi Natalini