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Butterscotch pale yellow amber squares in square silver pendant


Butterscotch pale yellow amber squares in square sterling silver pendant slide

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Nine squares of butterscotch pale yellow Baltic amber combine into one larger square to make this distinct modern pendant.

Butterscotch amber has more of a matte milky look to it than some other more reflective colors of amber giving it a very distinctive look. While elegant enough to wear with formal clothing it is also casual enough to wear with more casual clothing. This pendant is a great size not to large and not to small. This distinctive amber pendant measures approximately 1” tall by .7” wide or 28 mm tall by 17 mm wide. The pendant looks great on many different styles of chain, ribbon, or cord (not included). The pendant is all genuine Baltic amber and sterling silver. This pendant comes with a gift box great for giving or storage for years to come. This pendant also comes with information and care about Baltic amber that states the following:

Amber appears in many colors including brown, yellow, milky white, red, green, black, and even blue. 40-60 million years ago the Baltic Sea was a huge forest of now extinct coniferous pine trees. It is the hardened resin or sap from these trees that has become the amber of today. Each piece of amber is unique because of entrapped flora, fauna, and even insects.

To clean jewelry, use a polishing cloth or warm soapy water. No active solutions.

This amber pendant would make a great gift for anyone who loves amber jewelry,  modern jewelry, or handmade sterling silver jewelry.



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