real YELLOW SWALLOWTAIL butterfly wing + sterling silver ring

A rain forest sustainable use product, this handmade ring is created from naturally expired real yellow swallowtail butterfly wings and .925 sterling silver. NO BUTTERFLIES ARE HARMED.
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rain forest sustainable use product, this handmade ring is created from naturally expired real yellow swallowtail butterfly wings and .925 sterling silver. NO BUTTERFLIES ARE HARMED. This ring is adjustable so you can push in or pull out on the band to adjust the size bigger or smaller.

This ring features a circular centerpiece of real butterfly wings set under resin on both sides. This centerpiece has a swivel design that allows you to spin it around to wear the ring with either of the two wings facing up. One side of the ring features a yellow, black, white, and red wing from a yellow swallowtail butterfly. The reverse side shows a bright blue wing from a blue morpho butterfly. The resin helps make the ring water resistant and preserves the butterfly wings so that they will last for years.

The center of this ring measures approximately 1" tall (including the band above and below the circular butterfly wing piece) by approximately 0.69" wide. This ring features a split band design with each band measuring approximately 3 mm wide. Please note that the dime is not included but is show to help you gauge the size of the ring. The inside of the ring is stamped with "925" so you can rest assured you are getting genuine .925 sterling silver jewelry.


This ring would make a great gift for anyone who loves eco friendly jewelry, yellow swallowtail butterflies, or handmade sterling silver jewelry. This brand new ring comes with our original store tags and gift box, as well as an information card which states the following:


Real Butterfly Wing Jewelry


This jewelry contains real butterfly wings under resin set in sterling silver. NO butterflies are harmed. Butterflies live out their natural lifespan on butterfly farms within the Amazon rainforest. This jewelry helps protect the habitat of butterflies and also supports native families.

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