Murano glass Venice Italy black disc w/ silver and gold earrings

Murano glass from Venice, Italy black disc with silver and gold earrings
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These earrings are the ultimate in simple elegant design. A single black Murano glass disc features silver and gold inside the glass for a unique look. The earrings measure approximately 1.4” long by .5” wide. All metal used in these earrings is .925 sterling silver. Bubbles and slight variations in the glass are not considered defects but show the handmade nature of each piece and make each one unique. These earrings could be worn with both formal and casual clothes making them very versatile.

These Murano glass earrings would make a great gift for anyone who loves Italy, modern designs, or gorgeous handcrafted jewelry. The glass used in these earrings is handmade in Murano an Island in the Venetian Lagoon. Sometimes Murano glass is called Venetian glass or Italian glass. This is because the island of Murano is part of the city of Venice in the country of Italy. These handcrafted earrings come with a gift box that is great for giving or storage for years to come. These earrings also come with an information card about Murano glass that states the following:

Master glassmakers crafted this piece on an island in the Venetian lagoon named Murano. Glassmaking in the area dates back to the seventh century. The glassmakers have been on the island since 1291, when the Venetian Republic ordered the glassmakers to move their foundries because of the fire threat to Venice’s wooden buildings. Throughout history the uniqueness of Murano glass has been taken very seriously with skills often passed down only to family.