Jewelry for $300.01 and above

Handmade artisan jewelry in this category includes earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, and pendants for $300.01 and above. This handcrafted designer jewelry is statement jewelry made from different natural gemstones and sterling silver.

This sterling silver iguana lizard bracelet has amazing detail. It features green malachite stone eyes. This handmade amethyst, rainbow moonstone, and tiffany stone necklace is set in .925 sterling silver. The necklace features a purple amethyst slice as the center stone of the necklace. This large handmade geode druzy and .925 sterling silver necklace is certain to make a statement. The geodes are black with the inside gray portion left in its rough druzy formation.
3D sterling silver and malachite iguana lizard handmade braceletAMETHYST, rainbow moonstone, tiffany stone, + silver necklaceBIG geode druzy + .925 sterling silver handmade necklace




This handmade enamel and .925 sterling silver statement snake necklace features numerous eye-catching details in the snake’s body, head, and tail. The scales of the snake are represented with the bright blue enamel. This large blue opal and .925 sterling silver frog pendant is handmade in Taxco, Mexico. Taxco is a city that is world famous for the beautiful silverwork created there. This handmade pink morganite and .925 sterling silver necklace will certainly grab you lots of attention. The necklace features nine light pink morganite stones.
Blue + red enamel and sterling silver detailed SNAKE necklaceextra large blue opal and sterling silver FROG PENDANTfaceted pink MORGANITE + .925 sterling silver necklace NEW




This larimar and .925 sterling silver pendant features a detailed three-dimensional turtle design. The light blue larimar makes up the turtle shell, while the rest of the turtle is detailed sterling silver. This handmade green turquoise and .925 sterling silver pendant features a design of an octopus with detailed tentacles and a detailed head. The tentacles are represented with the green turquoise stone. This handmade opal and .925 sterling silver pendant features a cute seahorse design. The pendant features light blue opal set as the seahorse's eye and sections of its body.
handmade blue LARIMAR + detailed sterling silver TURTLE PENDANTHandmade green turquoise, sterling silver OCTOPUS pendanthandmade light blue opal + sterling silver SEAHORSE PENDANT




This handmade mother of pearl inlay, enamel, amethyst, and sterling silver necklace features a gorgeous purple, orange, and blue mosaic design. The circular pendant on the necklace is set with a purple amethyst stone in the center. This handmade purple tanzanite and .925 sterling silver necklace uses eight small round faceted tanzanite stones and nine rough tanzanite stones that allow you to appreciate the natural crystal formation of the stone. This amethyst and sterling silver bracelet features 13 faceted purple amethyst oval shape stones. All metal used is sterling silver.
Purple amethyst, mother of pearl mosaic inlay, silver necklacerough + faceted TANZANITE and .925 sterling silver necklace NEWAmethyst and .925 sterling silver handmade artisan bracelet




This Blue topaz and sterling silver bracelet features 13 faceted blue topaz oval shape stones. All metal used is sterling silver. This handmade peridot, aqua green apatite, and neon blue apatite necklace is set in .925 sterling silver that has a unique brushed texture. This spiny oyster shell necklace is designed by Anna King Jewelry. The spiny oyster shell used in this necklace is varying shades of purple , yellow, and white.
Blue topaz and sterling silver handmade artisan bracelethandmade rough PERIDOT, APATITE, + .925 sterling silver necklacePurple, yellow, white, spiny oyster shell + silver necklace




This malachite, garnet, and .950 sterling silver peacock pendant is a truly unique piece of jewelry. The piece can be worn as either a pendant or a pin. These large handmade red coral and .925 sterling silver drop dangle earrings feature a design that includes a heart, birds, and flowers with fantastic silver detailing. The small red coral stones dangle from the bottom of each heart. This handmade black onyx and .925 sterling silver brooch depicts a wild running horse. The horse's body is made up of the smooth and polished black onyx, while the head, tail, and feet of the horse have great detailing.
Garnet, malachite, and sterling silver peacock pendant / pinhandmade big RED CORAL + STERLING SILVER dangle earringshandmade black onyx + sterling silver RUNNING HORSE BROOCH




This handmade turquoise, brass, and sterling silver parrot can be worn as either a pin or a pendant. The parrot's body and wings are made from a gorgeous shade of green turquoise, and the parrot's beak is made from the brass to help add contrast. This sterling silver and green turquoise octopus bracelet has amazing detail. Based on a famous work of art, this pendant is hand painted in Russia with exquisite detail. This pendant features a hand painted miniature reproduction of artist Alphonse Mucha’s The Brunette.
handmade TURQUOISE, BRASS+950 STERLING SILVER parrot pin/pendantgreen turquoise + sterling silver OCTOPUS handmade cuff bracelethand painted miniature of Alphonse Mucha's The Brunette pendant




This sterling silver and mixed stone BUTTERFLY choker statement necklace has amazing detail. The center pendant features a mix of stones and resin. The centerpiece of this necklace is a found object, a large portrait of King Tut, with lapis lazuli stones set along the sides.
handmade BUTTERFLY + sterling silver statement choker necklaceKing Tutankhamun with lapis lazuli + sterling silver necklace



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