BYZANTINE EMPIRE genuine ancient coin + sterling silver pendant

This genuine ancient coin and .925 sterling silver handmade pendant features a coin from the Byzantine Empire.
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This genuine ancient coin and .925 sterling silver handmade pendant features a coin from the Byzantine Empire. The Byzantine Empire was located in the regions formerly controlled by the Eastern Roman Empire and lasted from approximately 476 A.D. to 1453 A.D. when the capital city of Constantinople fell to Ottoman empire. The fall of Constantinople effectively ended the Byzantine Empire forever. The front of this pendant shows the front of the coin, which features a faded portrait. The back of the pendant shows the reverse side of the coin with a faded figure. The pendant is set in .925 sterling silver and features a design with textured silver and four prongs around the setting’s rim to help keep the coin in place.

This pendant measures approximately 1.25” long (including the bail) by approximately 0.7” wide. Please note that the dime is not included but is shown to help you gauge the size of the pendant. The pendant uses a large bail (loop for chain) which allows the pendant to fit easily on to most styles chains or cords (not included) or to work as focal bead for your own unique beaded design. The inside of the bail is stamped with “925” so you can rest assured that the pendant is set in genuine .925 sterling silver jewelry.

This petite pendant would make a great gift for anyone who collects vintage or antique coins or any historians! This pendant would also make a great gift for anyone interested in coin jewelry, the Byzantine Empire, or artisan sterling silver jewelry. This pendant is brand new and comes with our original store tags and box, in addition to an information card which states the following:

The Byzantine Empire

Some date the beginnings of the Byzantine Empire at 476 A.D. after the Roman Emperor Romulus Augustulus. After the Ottoman Turks conquered Constantinople in 1453 A.D. the Roman Empire completely fell. The terms Byzantine Empire (a historiographical term used since the 19th century) and Eastern Roman Empire are expressions used to describe the Roman Empire of the Middle Ages. The “M” on the reverse of the bronze coins represents the denomination 40 nummi. (M=40, K=20, I=10, E=5).

You can feel confident that this coin is genuine, each coin has been inspected and approved to be authentic by a Professional Numismatic who specializes in Ancient coinage. We unconditionally guarantee this Roman coin to be Authentic.

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